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Four factors why Email marketing is still relevant in 2015

Email Marketing Defined:

E-Mail marketing is a cost effective strategy for marketers to find, maintain and create productive relationships with prospective customers. It is a prominent way to deliver quality and authentic content directly in the mailbox. You can present your ideas in emails, newsletters, e-books and articles. The content structure in your email should be engaging enough for the new customer. Creating some subject lines, targeted content structure in the body and effective call to action in the end should be the ideal attributes for any professional email. In fact, utilizing email communication is an extension of your search engine optimization initiative can be extremely propitious. Email Marketing and SEO functions can function together and bring new visitors to your website. According to a detailed analysis on Quicksprout, email is a direct way to reach your future customers because email marketing is not dependent on a specific device. These sorts of campaigns have a wide reach. Some attributes that can’t be ignored are-

#1. Customised content and personal touch

The first and the foremost rule to keep in your mind is ‘Stop telling stories’. Emails have to be short, precise and meaningful. The information presented should be valuable and definitely useful for the consumer. Everyone loves his name. Make sure that you refer your prospective customer’s name couple of times at least. This adds a beautiful personal touch, which helps the readers to decide further. Try and engage your readers and do care about their time.

#2. Dedicated landing page

A landing page appears when a visitor clicks the link, finds a page through organic search results, or clicks the link mentioned on the email. It’s the most effective way to turn your traffic into sales. In fact, it’s a great habit that you design every page as a landing page. These pages can be customized for services, unique products and promotional add on stuff. Each category should have a separate landing page. That’s one streamlined and ready to deliver shot at conversion.

#3. Multiple Call to action (CTA’s)

Any valuable information that you offer, should be accompanied by an effective call to action option. Carrying forward the last point, each and every landing page should have a well designed CTA plan in action. You can definitely provide some tips or insights, offer a free e-book or a template, and of course you can always add the subscription forms. Once you have quality and authentic content and innovative CTA options on your web page, you get one inch closer towards conversion.

#4. Adding social media into mix)

Linking your social media with your email visitors is in fact the perfect blend of ideas. If they want, your email recipients can actively follow your company and increase your reader’s base. It’s also another way to encourage visitors to react and comment on your social media channels as well. It also increases the sphere of your target audience.

The amount of experimentation an email template can offer is unbelievable. You can try out innovative subject lines, interesting images, memes, intriguing infographics, and of course a wide variety of CTA’s. Not only it’s a great advertising opportunity, it eventually helps your SEO campaign’s performance as well. Let’s explore every avenue of email marketing and experiment to find the best possible line of action. Let’s be creative and resourceful.

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