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PPC(Pay PerClick) – A strategy of Digital Marketing

What is PPC?

PPC is a sort of paid marketing, generally used to aggravate the clicks on the website. Known as pay per click, and also recognized as cost per click. This particular method employed to increase direct traffic on the website. Where advertiser pay to the publisher, whenever a user click on its ad.PPC ads are actually sponsored ads or sponsored links.

If we go by the lexicon of networking, then there are two ways, that determine Pay per Click. First is Flat rate PPC, and second is Bid based PPC.

Flat Rate PPC: According to this criteria, advertiser and publisher agree on a fixed amount, which will generate on each click.

Bid Based PPC: In Bid based PPC, advertiser sets a bid for ads to get top most position against other advertisers.

Pay Per Click management service used are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Microsoft adCenter

Google AdwordsIt’s an online advertising service provider managed by Google. It manages ads for a search query on Google that manages ads for a search query on Google search engine. Actually, it operates on keywords, and each keyword has its own biding price, and that will be self deducted when the respective ad is clicked by a user.

Microsoft adCenter: Also recognized as Bing or MSN ad center, it provides service on Bing as well as for the search engine.

Benefits of Pay Per Click: There are several benefits of using PPC:
  • Pay per click assist you to get targeted traffic on the website on instant base.
  • Helps in branding of your website
  • Realizing the target of ROI.
  • Optimal promotional channel

Keywords research– Keyword research is a fundamental aspect of pay-per-click marketing. Keyword research is an onerous task, and it is imperative to figure out the specific keywords for a sound growth. A detailed analysis of keywords can efficiently turn this into action. We use our analysis into marketing efforts, so that researched keywords can perpetuate the process of the whole marketing campaign, and pave the way for the propitious results in the form of sales and eventually into the profit. This research is not only significant for the search engine optimization, but also play a crucial role in paid search campaigns.

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